Rental Committee Bonaire

The Rental Committee is an impartial organisation for the prevention, resolution and formal settlement of disputes between tenants and landlords. By providing proper information, the Rental Committee focuses on the prevention of disputes. If a tenant and a landlord cannot reach a mutual agreement, the Rental Committee offers assistance with unbiased information. If this is not successful, by assessing the rent disputes on the basis of legislation and regulations, the Rental Committee can issue a ruling with binding effect on the parties. The Rental Committee rules on:

  • Rent
  • Rent increase
  • Rent reduction
  • Service charges
  • Termination of the tenancy agreement
  • Determination of the rent

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When can you rely on the Rental Committee?

Do you disagree with your landlord or tenant about the rent or the maintenance of your house? Then you may rely on the Rental Committee to rule on your problem.

The hearing

If a hearing is held during proceedings, then the tenant and the landlord both receive an invitation. In this section you can read how a hearing takes place exactly.

Applications and other forms

This page contains the various applications and forms of the Rental Committee. You can download the PDF and send it by post or email or submit it in person.

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